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At Secret Smiles, our mission is to help families overcome hardships

A child sleeping on a cold floor with nothing but a sheet to keep him warm...A newborn baby lying on a dirty mattress because she has no crib...Parents in despair because they are unable to provide a basic necessity for their children...

These are the faces of Secret Smiles. 

Our mission is simple: Secret Smiles of Dayton, Inc. provides beds, cribs and bedding to children in our community who are without. Since 2001 we have come in contact with thousands of children who now, thanks to the generosity of strangers, have a warm and secure place to sleep at night.

We are a 100% volunteer charity with no salaries or overhead costs, all donations go back into our community to purchase new beds and bedding for children. It is only with your help that we can continue our work to help those neediest in our community, our children. 

Please join us! Our passion and your generosity will change lives!